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Indian Hotel Agents in Assam

Assam, located in the north eastern part of India is a wonderful tourist destination with its varied and lively natural beauty and a rich, colorful culture; in the daily life of men and women the culture of Assam breathes. Assam being the largest of the states in the east earns revenue for the tourism industry of India. The state of Assam is home to Kaziranga National Park, Majuli Island, Chandubi Lake and the mighty Brahmaputra river; it is indeed a natural treasure trove of India.

It is quite obvious that there are many hotels and accommodation opportunities in Assam and the Indian hotel agents in Assam take care of the tourism sector in Assam.

Just like the land of green plains and densely covered forests, which throws you open to the doors of the north-east India, the Indian hotel agents in Assam is your gateway to the innumerable hotels and lodges in Assam. They care for the utmost in travelers’ comfort and ensure smooth booking and reservations in the popular hotels of Assam.

The Indian hotel agents in Assam are as following:
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All the above mentioned Indian hotel agents in Assam have alliance with the leading hotels of Assam. The Indian hotel agents in Assam offer you reservation in some of the popular hotels like Hotel Rajmahal, Hotel Dynasty, Hotel Nandan, Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok, Hotel Rituraj, Hotel Kuber International, Wild Grass Lodge and Hotel Natraj. These Indian hotel agents in Assam provide hotel booking in the capital city of Guwahati and in other cities of Assam like Dibrugarh. These hotel agents in Assam, apart from offering booking facilities in the numerous hotels, provides service like arrangement for tours and sight seeing and car hire. They arrange wildlife safaris to the famous Kaziranga National Park which is home to one-horned rhino ‘uni-corn’. The hotel agents in Assam ensure that travelers find no discomfort in reaching to the hotels they have booked through them. They provide airport pick up from LGB airport. Domestic flights and international flights form Bangkok connects Assam to domestic and international destinations. Another advantage of Indian hotel agents in Assam is that they provide the facility of air ticketing.

From the Sanskrit word ‘Asom’ the name of the state of Assam has been derived; it means ‘peerless’. Assam indeed is peerless with lush, green foliage and an exquisite variety of wildlife. The aroma of Assam tea is a feather on the cap. The Indian hotel agents in Assam working towards hotel booking in the state is no doubt peerless with excellent customer service and round-the-clock guide that it provides to the innumerable tourists thronging to the land of Brahmaputra river.

Leave everything on the Indian hotel agents in Assam and ensure yourself a comfortable and relaxing stay in this state.

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